Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MY Contribution to RURAL DEVELOPMENT - An EVS assignment I submitted.

Developing the rural people includes a sustainable growth in agriculture, education, cultural & economic status. We rely on developing everyone’s economic status as a development but it won’t cultivate people about the sources they have, rather simply they can lead a rich life.

I haven’t contributed much to the rural development till date, but I have great intention to contribute myself for the development of rural people.

During my higher secondary education I was a member of NSS. We are the first set for NSS in our school. We haunted a primary school of Ladanenthal (a village on the way to Ramnad from Madurai belongs to Tamilnadu) during our quarterly holidays. We were forced to choose that village because it was our chairman Mr.Muthuramalingam’s native.

I have forgotten the strength of our crew and our team accompanied by தமிழ் ஐயா திரு. ராஜேந்திரன் (சில மாதங்களுக்கு முன்பு காலமானார்) & Mr.Babu Maths staff. Our daily work is cleaning the road side areas & areas where people use to visit often like temple, mosque we usually do work at early morning & at evening. In our leisure time we spent hours by playing, listening to music.

Everyday evening cultural were arranged for the villagers such as dramas, debates, dances, entertaining shows. A chief guest was also invited for the cultural, to have gala time with us.

Some days we had back breaking job under the scorching sun, while cleaning a pond & laying drainage pipes at places. An open drainage system with improper sanitation was made into closed one by digging and installing PVC pipes.

After hard toil we could change some of their environment, we didn’t teach them anything but we entertained them with cultural events. Some of the village youths voluntarily & enthusiastically took part in our works.

At college after missing my chance of being a member in NCC during my first year. I became a cadet in second year. NCC is not as much as a social oriented program but it is military oriented program with lot of determination & perseverance work. Rally might be an awareness program among the youth who are going to be the pillars of the nation tomorrow.

A staff at my college library took me to their village, to teach some students who were preparing for police exam, I taught them some maths with the question papers they had & some shortcut calculations.

I have great interest in involve myself in activities of this kind & might be in future I may indulge in any one of the activities at least for a rural student’s education, or by sponsoring money to the associations which are helping in developing rural areas.

Suppose I choose to live a bachelor life in future I will work for the rural development to the best of my knowledge & ability.

Note: this article & the previous one are corrected by Ms.Viji , we are like mom & child.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cricket at my college

I am a cricketer. The only game which I know from the childhood. During my third standard annual vacation at Chennai my brother bought me a bat name "county", brand bat of Mr.KapilDev. The bat was more than half of my height since then I started playing cricket. I'm learning still but the enthusiasm & interest has gone down.

Still I have the mind of playing cricket,but not as a professional. I'm the captain of our department(EEE) during my final year, in cricket we won Mech,M.Sc(last year champions), CSC in a row & got into the finals but unfortunate to lose it.

How did I got selected into the department cricket team is still an unbelievable one. During my second year we were playing cricket on a sunny day, it was a long gap I haven't played cricket almost for an year.

According to me I'm a confident batsman, can bat well even without practice & as a bowler I'm less confident & as a fielder I have least confident that too after started playing in cork ball at college usually I fear lot during fielding.

Coming back to my selection into the team, on that day I'm fielding at point. It was a ball from pace bowler, the batsman hit the ball hard enough & added some extra energy to it.I caught the ball to my right, stretching both my hands, almost the ball was on my right hand, everything happened in less than half a second. My right palm burnt like anything after the catch, players were running towards me ,I hid my right hand back & clashing their hands using my left. A final year guy notice this & i was put into the team all because of that stunning catch, but I knew I'm a poor fielder.

My first match at college it was with E&I department we fielded first & they got enough score on the board, the team captain asked me can you open batting, I had no confident in opening the game first time I wear cricket kits get into bat, I was there for 6 overs I played like a test batsman few shouted from outside that "get out let the other players can bat you are too slow" as the game progress I hit two sixes in two consecutive balls, then I could hear claps ,roar from the crowd & teammates I become a popular cricketer after that.

In my tenth standard vacation I got an opportunity to get into a cricket club which planned to took players to play matches at Gujarat. My parents didn't allow me. During higher secondary after the first match at hostel,the next day selectors were in a rush of picking me in their team. I love to watch cricket matches, India's batting especially. I feel proud to be a cricketer & also proud to born in a nation INDIA to which "Sachin -The God of cricket" belongs.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Love

She forget that she is a girl,
I forget that i'm a boy,
We started our friendship.
When got remembered,
We started loving each other.